Youth Football – Why Being Different Leads to Championships When Coaching Youth Football

Being Different Pays When Coaching Youth Football

While youth football and school football are completely different in numerous ways, there surely are a few likenesses. What number of you are following what Paul Johnson is doing at Georgia Tech this year? Many “specialists” said Johnson’s Flexbone choice assault could never work at the enormous DI level. Quit worrying about that Johnson was massively fruitful with this assault at Georgia Southern, coming out on top for two Division IAA National Championships and going 62-10 of every six seasons there. Quit worrying about that Johnson  ยูฟ่าเบท  , at that point, went to Navy and utilizing exactly the same offense, directed Navy to its first winning season in quite a while. His groups went 45-29 at Navy, which is a wonder circle back contrasted with the 72-148 record ordered by his 4 ancestors. Mind you Navy has a serious faculty requirements because of their Military Academy status and the reality the children need to meet extremely high scholar and character principles as well as serve 4 years in the Service once their school playing days are finished, Oh better believe it, coincidentally, we are at war.

Georgia Tech and Paul Johnson

In Johnson’s most memorable season at Georgia Tech, his group is on the cusp of coming out on top for an ACC Championship and is at 9-3. He is doing it with precisely the same offense he ran at Southern and Navy, the choice. He is doing this in his absolute first season with a group that was selected to play something else entirely. His quarterback isn’t a choice quarterback, his linemen aren’t choice linemen. Hell his beginning left hostile tackle began the season as a space back and has never played the line at any degree of football, even in his Pee Wee days. Georgia Tech additionally has exceptionally high confirmation norms that different schools aren’t compelled with. Did any of you see Tech simply victory Miami and all the top ability the Hurricanes had amassed on guard, or what about the 45 focuses they set on SEC power Georgia last week? What Johnson has done is completely astounding.

What’s the significance here for the Youth Football Coach?

In any case, the inquiry is the reason would he say he is so effective and how might I utilize that data for my potential benefit while I’m training youth football? One colossal explanation his groups are so fruitful regardless of where he goes is; Johnson runs a framework no other person runs any longer. Groups simply aren’t accustomed to safeguarding the choice. Miami and Georgia, the two groups stacked with High School All-Americans and Rivals top 10 Recruiting classes, looked totally lost against Johnson’s offense. These school protections are accustomed to seeing the spread offense or variants of it practically consistently. The cautious plans and procedures they use to close down the spread groups are entirely different than what you use to successfully play a well executing choice group.

As a matter of fact a portion of the read and respond ideas a 3 procedure cautious tackle uses to safeguard the choice are 100 percent as opposed to what this player has realized and rehearsed for over the most recent 9 months. So you get multi week to retrain that cautious tackle to “neglect” what he has realized the past 9 months and to respond impeccably to his choice peruses in split second continuous. Gracious better believe it lets not fail to remember that you likewise need to retrain your power and rear entryway protectors too and recall Tech tosses a plunge play activity pass unexpectedly too. To that end you see Georgia Tech going on drives where they get plays of 2 yards, 5, 8, – 1, 8, 3,2,2,7, 2, 50. The safeguard simply has an amazing time remaining wonderful with their peruses being finished in split seconds, utilizing strategies and plans they use for only multi week out of each year. Only one wrong perused and blast it’s a tremendous increase or 6 focuses.


Something else Johnson’s groups do is execute. Against Miami, Tech ran the midline choice something like multiple times, in one drive succession they ran a similar midline choice play multiple times in line. In the Tech and Miami games around 90% of Techs offense was the genuine triple choice, midline and a smidgen of rocket to keep the edges aware of things. Indeed, only 3 football plays however the execution was faultless, the downfield and edge hindering was unbelievable.

Player Talent Available

Johnson likewise is a pragmatist. At Navy and Georgia Tech, would he say he is truly going to have the option to enroll the best passing Quarterbacks in the country? You realize the 5 star kid being enrolled by USC or Texas ? Is it true that he is truly going to get a youngster like that to go to Navy or Tech? What about that 5 star 300 lb Offensive Lineman? Is he going to get that youngster over LSU or

Oklahoma? Hell at Navy they wouldn’t actually concede a 300 lb kid. So Johnson picked a framework that permitted him to find true success with the gathering of children he was practically going to get.

Here in Nebraska the Huskers are set to play on January 1 in the Gator Bowl. Who does this group NOT have any desire to play? I promise you it is the Georgia Tech Yellowjackets. Indeed, even with a month of planning time, NU would much prefer face one more spread assault, We love the choice here in Nebraska and we love to watch Johnson’s offense, yet we most certainly don’t have any desire to see it being gone against us.

Applying This to Your Youth Football Team

What’s the significance here to the nearby youth football trainer? Would it be advisable for you to shuck your ongoing offense and sell out to a choice assault? I don’t know. I trained Nebraska style “I” choice football for a very long time at the young level. We did genuinely well for 4 of those 7 seasons, coming out on top for 2 League Championships. However, when I didn’t have a shrewd and athletic Quarterback and a distinction producer at Tailback, we battled ( truly need to have 2 great Quarterbacks in that offense). I just couldn’t rely on having that sort of ability each year when I trained non-select groups. I likewise didn’t have any desire to rehearse 5 evenings seven days any longer, we needed to go to a 3 evenings seven days design.

How Johnson’s offense affects you will be you ought to consider running something that you possess the ability and energy for as well as something not the same as what every other person in your association is running. It implies you ought to consummate a small bunch or correlative series based football plays that put the protection in struggle. It implies you don’t run 40-60 plays in some disconnected playbook. These are a portion of the principal reasons we run the Single Wing offense with our childhood football crews. Under 3% of youth football crews are running this offense. Your adversaries simply are not used to guarding this assault and a portion of the exceptional series or obstructing plans we utilize like the full twist, half twist, wedge, stream, traps and so forth Most youth football crews have heaps of “I”, Pro, Spread, “Various” and even Wishbone or Double Wing groups, yet what number of Single Wing groups do you see? Incredibly few. It’s a series put together offense based with respect to placing a guard in struggle and execution, it’s anything but an offense that depends on extraordinary ability making immense plays.

So every one of the “specialists” and cynics have been discredited such a long ways about Paul Johnson. That “%$3&’ won’t work in big time DI football, they said. You don’t see the experts run it they said. Same goes for the Single Wing, we are seeing it with increasingly more High School groups as well as obviously Florida and Mississippi in the SEC and obviously now in the NFL with the Dolphins and Ravens. Ideally the Single Wing will not get excessively well known, in light of the fact that how compelling might you at any point truly be running what every other person is running except if you have the absolute best players? How much good times could that be? It would be generally about selecting or drafting players and very little to do with instructing.

Dave Cisar-

Dave is a Nike “Mentor of the Year” Designate and talks cross country at Coaches Clinics. His book “Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan” was embraced by Tom Osborne and Dave Rimington. His own groups utilizing this framework to date have dominated 90% of their matches in 5 Different Leagues.

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