26 AWG Bare Copper Wire Without Insulation

Wire and link can be made in a wide range of ways yet all copper wire begins with an uncovered, strong, not protected strand of copper wire. Protection is developed around the copper strand assuming that essential however in certain applications the strand of copper wire without protection will turn out great.

Most frequently exposed copper wire without protection is utilized for establishing or above transmission and conveyance applications. 26 AWG wire has an external width of.016 inches and 1300 feet of it approaches out to around one pound. It has a.363 conveying current and a 20.5 intertwining current which substitutes up or down relying upon the measure size of the wire.

Exposed copper wire is likewise utilized in hook up wire   craftsmanship ventures, for example, hanging aviaries, container handles and dividers between colors in stain glass windows. Purchasers of uncovered copper for such undertakings will require something more grounded and thicker than 26 AWG in light of the fact that it’s extremely dainty and not as tough. Normal check sizes for craftsmanship projects are 14 AWG through 8 AWG to have the solidarity to hold the heaviness of a bin or perching space.

A few normal sorts of protection that would be added to uncovered copper are PVC and PTFE. PVC protection is the least expensive and most normal that arrives in a 300 and 600 volt choice. The PVC protection safeguards the copper wire in indoor applications like hardware and domestic devices. PTFE protection is utilized in comparative applications anyway it is for the most part called upon for high temperature use. It can shield the copper from temperatures as high as 200 degrees Celsius contrasted with 105 degrees Celsius of PVC protection.

“Connect wire” and “lead wire” are terms utilized for copper wire with PVC and PTFE protection. They normally come in more modest AWG sizes like 26, 24 and 22 AWG with various abandoning choices for adaptability. Most providers of exposed copper and connect wire will have different varieties accessible of each AWG alongside the uncovered copper form without protection by any stretch of the imagination. 100, 250, 500 and 1000 foot spools are normal set up lengths that you can buy in the business.

The same most enterprises, the higher amount you are hoping to buy the lower the value you will get. Wire and link providers ordinarily purchase huge number of feet of each variety on an enormous wooden spool to wind more modest amounts onto plastic spools for resale.

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