How to Save Money on Your RBC7 Replacement Battery

Is your APC unit showing that now is the right time to supplant the battery? Supplanting the battery in an APC unit can be very costly on the off chance that you buy it pre-produced using an organization. In this concise stroll through, I will tell you the best way to collect your own RBC7 substitution battery which can reduce your expense somewhere around practically half! Likewise, kindly don’t stress over voiding out the guarantee of your unit by introducing your own substitution batteries, both the unit and battery are under a long term guarantee with American Power Transformation (APC) which in the event that your perusing this article ought to lifepo4 battery 12v    previously run out!

RBC7 Viable Units:

SU700XL, SU700XLNET, SU1000XL, SU1000XLNET, BP1400, SUVS1400, SU1400, SU1400NET, SUA1500, SUA1000XL and SUA750XL

Before we start the gathering and establishment of your RBC7 battery, you should procure a few fundamental things for the means in question. The RBC7 battery is basically two 12v 18ah fixed lead corrosive batteries remained along with glue and associated with make one major 24 volt battery pack. In this way, priorities straight, you should found and buy two 12v 18ah fixed lead corrosive batteries either from your neighborhood battery store or over the Web. The brands that I would actually suggest are CSB battery, or potentially Power-Sonic. Whenever you have gained your batteries, then you should get together a philips head screw driver, and barely any segments of froth twofold sided tape (3m liked). When you have these things now is the right time to get your battery establishment going!


To make your own RBC 7 battery pack you will require the parts off of the old battery, so the initial step is to eliminate your old battery from the unit. A large portion of the APC units that take the RBC7 battery expect you to eliminate the face plate from the unit and unscrew the metal lock to get to the battery compartment. Whenever this is finished, turn off the spent battery pack and eliminate it from the unit.

When the battery is eliminated, you should dismantle it. Pry off the two plastic plates at one or the flip side of be batteries to uncover the breaker and fitting associations. One the plates are off, utilize the philips screw driver to eliminate the wire first, and afterward the fitting. This will stay away from any chance of shorting out the pack while your dealing with it.

One you have every one of the pieces off the spent battery, now is the ideal time to gather your RBC7 substitution battery. Take the couple of portions of froth twofold sided tape and apply them to the terminal side of one of your 12v 18ah batteries. Then push your other battery immovably against it so the terminals are both confronting inwards close to one another. When the tape has had a moment to stick, then you can begin putting the pieces you just removed your old battery onto your substitution.

When you have completely developed your own RBC7 substitution battery, essentially slide it into the battery compartment and attachment it into the unit. Then reattach the metal lock and face plate and enhancer the unit.

Congrats on gathering your own APC substitution battery and setting aside a lot of cash simultaneously!

It is vital to ensure that you are building your RBC7 supplanting battery with great quality batteries that are intended for the profound cycle reserve utilization of battery reinforcement frameworks. On the off chance that you found this article supportive and are searching for extra exceptional articles I would gladly help, basically get in touch with me [] and I will resolve something!

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