Joseph and His Brothers, Forgiveness in Action

There are many teachings within modern Christianity today that state that we are to forgive everyone around us before they even show any signs of remorse. However, when Joseph Daher  all the verses around the topic are taken in context it is very clear to see that the Bible does not teach us to do that. Rather, it teaches us to forgive once repentance has been made, either verbally or in action.

The story of Joseph and his brothers is the perfect example of how we are to forgive those who have wronged us. Joseph’s brothers did not like him at all, and therefore they sold him into slavery because they had had enough of him.

Joseph however, remained true to God, and his work flourished in Egypt as a result.

When the famine came, and his brothers were sent into Egypt to buy grain, it became obvious that Joseph had not forgiven his brothers. For if Joseph had forgiven his brothers he would have revealed himself to them the first time that he saw them. He would have been glad to see them. But instead, he treated them in an angry manner, and even used a translator to communicate with them. He held one captive and demanded that they bring their younger brother, knowing full well that it would break his father’s heart.

Once Benjamin was brought unto Joseph, he put his silver cup into Benjamin’s sack and sent them on the way. Later Joseph send his servants after them to accuse Benjamin of stealing the cup, thus giving him a reason to capture Benjamin.

How could Joseph have played such trickery on his brothers if he had forgiven them? Joseph after all, was a man of God! God spoke to him through dreams, but yet, it seems as though he was repaying evil with evil. How could a man of God bring such fear upon his own brothers?

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